Online Tools to Create Your Own Magazine Covers

Ever wanted to create a fake magazine cover with your photo on them? Here are the two ways to do so:

  • Use desktop tools
  • Use online tools

It is a tedious affair to use a desktop tool. First, you have to download the software — for instance, Adobe Photoshop, Gimp or any other picture editing tool — on your computer, then install and learn how to use the program. If you are already an expert in using these tools, then go ahead and design your own fake magazine and a cover for it. This should take a couple of hours if you are doing it for the first time.

I, however, prefer online tools over desktop ones. You can instantly create a magazine cover in under 2 minutes, and it doesn’t cost any money. More importantly, online cover magazine generators saves you time — lots of it! All you need is a photo and a reliable Internet connection to use these online magazine generators.

A Word of Caution

There are many sites offering personalized magazine covers, but they are not free. Here’s how the whole process works: you will choose a photo from your computer, upload it on the site, choose the magazine cover, add more information and pay a small fee.

Some companies charge around $10 while some can go as higher as $20 to deliver a print version of the fake magazine cover you have just created. In this article, we will not cover those sites. We will only cover sites offering magazine covers for free.

Sounds great? Below you will find a list of online sites we recommend to get started. Feel free to go through the list and let me know which one did you like the most:

Adding Your Photos to Magazine Covers:

Wish A Friend: Male or female, this site is for everyone as it offers 9 magazine covers from “Super Mom” to “Girly Life” and much more. Simply visit the website, select the magazine, upload your pic, adjust its position and publish it on the Internet. Once published, you can save the fake magazine pic by right-clicking on it and hitting the “Save image as” button.

On Cover Page: Want your photo on the cover of National Geographic magazine? On Business Today? Or, best of all, on PlayBoy? This is possible through On Cover Page, which only supports 3 magazines at the moment. You can also add a news caption (text) below your photo.

Picazine: It takes three steps to get a magazine with your picture on them through Picazine. You may want to be a little careful though, as the site contains adult material.

Zeitouny: Making realistic, fake magazine cover was never so easy. Simply select the type of magazines, add a photo (with your face clearly visible) and generate a new fake cover. The site features 27 magazine covers including PC World — your geek friends will be jealous.

Write On It: Playgirl, TIME, WIRED, Cosmopoliton, People, and many more magazine templates are available on Writeonit. You can also add text to your magazine. Simple site.

Fake Magazine Cover: With over 850 magazine covers and counting, this is one of the biggest on the web. Some magazine covers are not very realistic, but still, it gets the job done.

Fakeazine: Creating flat 2D and 3D magazine covers is possible through Fakeazine. Note that all the covers you have created through the site will be visible to the public under the “Latest User Created Covers.”

Toolshell: Put your girlfriend’s photo on the magazine using Toolshell. There are over 15 magazine covers, all of them look very similar. If you want to add a bigger photo on a magazine, this is the site you should check out.

Cover Dude: Pick a category of magazines available — from Baby to Fashion, Men, Music, and more. Then choose the magazine, add your photo, customize it, and finally save it privately or share them with your friends online.

Make Me Super: Yet another magazine cover generator which also comes with an option to design a video with your own photos. Very cool!

Peoplist: With over 30 covers available, Peoplist is no different from the other sites we mentioned. As a community-driven site, users can create their own magazine covers, vote other creative covers and share them to Facebook, Twitter, and other social sites.

Dummies Book: While you cannot upload your own pic on this website, it’s still a fun site worth adding. Here you can customize the insanely popular and old Dummies book cover anyway you want. Add title, descriptions, comic bubble and have fun passing it to your friends.

Cover Magazine Me: Ladies, this site is for you. There are dozens of magazines/ Choose a photo from your computer, upload it on the site, select from over 30 magazine themes and share them with your friends.

Mago Fun: Yet another community-driven site where you can create your own cover, rate others cover, browse through a list of magazine and download the covers you have created.

Fake News: Ever wanted to get published on the New York Times newspaper? Use this tool to make up your own story in no time!

Final Thoughts:

Note that some of these websites have too many ads, and some come with pop-ups. If I had to pick one out of this list of websites, which one would be your favorite?

Note: These magazine covers can also be used on MySpace, Facebook, Friendster, or on Twitter. Yes, some of them do add a watermark to these covers, but you can remove them using picture editing softwares. If we missed any site worth mentioning, let us know.