Digital Marketing Strategies For Your Online Pharmacy

You have probably heard of digital marketing or online marketing. When we use these terms we refer to a series of actions and commercial strategies that are carried out on the internet. Digital marketing can bring many benefits to your pharmacy. The following recommendations are made by experts in the digital marketing division of Canada Pharmacy Online in order to increase your pharmacy’s online visibility.

It will help you create a Community

When you create a profile of your pharmacy on social networks and share valuable content for the health of your potential customers, you create a community of followers with whom you can interact and build trust.

Email Marketing

In the past, they opted for mailing, but the arrival of technology has simplified everything and what is used now is email to send news, catalogues, offers or content of interest to pharmacy customers.

Social Networks

They can be used both to spread the content of your pharmacy blog, and to create a community of followers of your business, customer service or managing a reputation crisis. Another good option offered by social networks is the possibility of carrying out advertising campaigns aimed at a specific customer segment of your pharmacy.

It’s easy to measure

Any action you carry out for your website or blog can be measured with a tool such as Google Analytics (it measures visits, pages they see, where users come from… You can also use Mailchimp for your email marketing campaigns.

It is possible to adjust the strategy

Real-time measurement will give you the opportunity to see what can be improved and make quick changes for better results.

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It costs less than other methods

In traditional marketing, channels such as television, radio or the press were used to advertise a company and this involved a high cost. Many free media such as social media can be used in a marketing strategy and paid advertising is cheaper.

Segmentation is easy

When an advertisement is placed in the printed press, for example, it is more difficult to know if the audience it reaches is interested, however, when an advertising campaign is carried out on Facebook, the audience reached by the advertisement can be highly segmented ( by gender, health habits, location, language, country, age, level of education) in a way that reaches interested people.

You will be omnipresent

The Internet never sleeps and never closes, so your pharmacy will be omnipresent and have greater visibility.

The pillars of this type of marketing are the following:

  • The website or blog

The traditional idea of marketing changes and it is about creating valuable content on your pharmacy’s website or blog to attract customers. Therefore, these are non-intrusive actions.

  • Search engines like Google, Yahoo or Bing

To get your pharmacy page to appear in the first positions in the searches carried out by customers , it is necessary to carry out SEO (organic) and SEM (paid) positioning actions. We discuss this aspect later.

  • Banners

They are the digital version of the billboards that we can see on the streets. These are ads that appear on the websites of both your own pharmacy and third parties. It may be good to invest in them to advertise your pharmacy on third-party health-related pages.

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