Everything that You Need to Know about the Professional Scrum Master Certification

The work of a Scrum Master is to lead Agile projects by providing direction and guidance to the team members. Their goal is to facilitate the communication and collaboration process among everyone so that the project is successfully done. There are different leaders and team members that are assigned by a company for an Agile project but a Scrum Master is a person who ensures that the project is progressing in the correct direction and that good collaboration exists between every member working on the project.

Through a Professional Scrum Master or a PSM Certification, you can gain expert-level knowledge about Scrum, Agile principles, and leadership roles. The certification focuses on providing you with all the knowledge about Scrum that a Professional Scrum Master needs to be acquainted with. There are plenty of live-interactive instructor-led online sessions in this course which is backed up by a huge amount of experiential learning methods of teaching in the form of real-world simulations, case studies, role plays, assignments, etc. it is a very comprehensive course but provides you with all the necessary detail that you require to pass the exam to achieve the Professional Scrum Master Certification.

In just two days, you’d earn a total of 16 PDUs and 16 SEUs which would look good in your portfolio and help you attract top recruiters from various fields. The course focuses on providing you with enough knowledge about Scrum and being a Professional Scrum Master that you’d be easily able to pass its exam. Once you’ve successfully passed the online exam, the certification can be easily downloaded through online means and utilized in your portfolio. In taking this course, there are no strict prerequisites so anyone interested in learning PSM can take the course.

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However, basic knowledge about its concepts would prove beneficial. As a starting point, you can also take the Agile and Scrum Foundation course first. Anyone interested in learning about Scrum and Agile can attend this course but it would beneficial for people in professions such as project managers, Scrum Masters, Scrum team members, developers, product managers, product owners, software development managers, and software architects, and software coders.

Things that would be Taught in the Professional Scrum Master Certification Workshop

  • Scrum foundations 

The foundations of Scrum are included in this course so anyone who does not know about Scrum can also take this course. An introductory session would be provided at the beginning that would include all the basics of Scrum and the benefits of the Agile framework so that later on, it’s easy for you to understand the core concepts of Scrum.

  • Product increment

This is the final stage of an Agile project at which the process is consistent with the goals or not is checked by the Professional Scrum Master. It is an important step so that any required changes can be made. It is very important to a Scrum Master to ensure that all the goals of the projects are reached successfully by all the team members.

  • Executing Scrum 

It is important for a Scrum Master to not only ensure that the work is done properly or not, but also know how the work is done so that if the work isn’t done properly the Scrum Master can identify the setbacks. Various techniques would be taught in this course that would help you to successfully run a Scrum project in a company.

  • Collaboration
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A Scrum Master must know how to maintain good collaboration and communication among all the members who are involved in the assigned Scrum project. Therefore, how to bring about behavioral shifts in teams, motivation, good communication skills, etc. are also taught in this course.

  • Scrum adoption

This topic teaches how to implement the methodologies and principles of Agile and Scrum in your company. It helps you to start Scrum projects in your organization from scratch. It is an important thing to understand because Scrum projects are very demanding and advantageous and Agile is growing exponentially.

  • Scrum Master Role

A Professional Scrum Master has a huge role to play in a Scrum project. There are plenty of things that they need to check and have knowledge about. They need to ensure collaboration and communication between group members as well. Therefore the concept of servant leadership and the role of a Scrum Master are also included in the curriculum of this course.

Why should you take a Professional Scrum Master Course?

An Agile project cannot move forward without a Scrum Master because they are the key that connects every team member and leader with one another. They ensure that there are no roadblocks so that the processes of the project can be facilitated and the team can properly work. Scrum Master works with product owners and the team to ensure that all the values and practices of Scrum are followed correctly. Professional Scrum Masters are highly sought after by recruiters in almost every industry.

Over years, the role of a Scrum Master has gained quite a decent popularity, and therefore, knowing about it would prove beneficial to you in the long run. It has also been listed as one of the top ten most promising jobs by LinkedIn. The course of a Professional Scrum Master that is provided by Zeolearn Academy is very comprehensive. The certification would help you validate your expertise in Scrum at a global level and you can easily get highly paid jobs in a top company.

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The Professional Scrum Master Certification is a must-have for those who are interested in Scrum and Agile and are involved in a profession that is associated with Scrum. There are no prerequisites for this course but a basic knowledge of Scrum would prove beneficial. The training is very useful because it involves experiential learning teaching methods along with providing live interactive sessions. The course focuses on providing you with enough knowledge so that you can implement the Scrum framework and its mechanics.