Get the Latest Firefox 15.0 Browser on Mac OS X Mountain Lion 10.8

A new version of Mozilla Firefox browser is out for Mac OS, Windows, and Linux. The latest Firefox 15.0 browser brings a slew of new features, and like always, it is now much more faster with older security issues and bugs fixed completely.

Features: What’s new in Firefox 15?

A lot of us have complained about Firefox’s memory usage and how opening more tabs can crash or hang our computers. Mozilla team examined this issue and introduced new code that stops memory leaking within the browser. The new Firefox 15 is supposedly free from any kind of memory leaks, and that’s why it comes with a blazing performance.

Another notable addition is the Chrome-like Options tab. This tab will help you manage your Firefox settings better.

Even viewing or playing 3D games is a better experience on Firefox 15.

Developers can use Firefox 15 to debug sites significantly faster. There’s also element inspector that makes real-time coding (changing CSS, HTMl, etc.) possible. The built-in responsive design tool (activated by Ctrl+Shift+M) lets you set resolution and resize particular website to fit the window

You can also view PDF files on Firefox 15 without downloading additional addons or extensions.

Directly Download Firefox 15.0 on Mountain Lion

If this is the first time you are downloading Firefox browser, you should know it’s an open source application available for free download.

On your Mac, launch your current Firefox browser, go to Firefox -> About Firefox and allow the new version to download and install automatically.


You can also download Firefox DMG file from the official Mozilla website. Head over to this download page to get Firefox 15 on your Mac — works fine with the new Mac OS X Mountain Lion.

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Firefox 15 also comes with a background update feature, so the next time there is an update available, you don’t have to do anything. Firefox will automatically (and silently) download updates in the background.

Download size: 32.6 MB

How to Install Firefox 15: After you have downloaded Firefox for the first time, open the .DMG file, then drag and drop the Firefox icon into the Application folder.