Flash Firefox Addon to Block Flash Content From Websites

Gladly with the Firefox addons availability, there are tons of ways to carry out certain tasks quickly as well as efficiently. Little while ago I wrote about how to manually save flash content from website but here we’re linking to mozilla firefox addon that let’s you block flash content instantly.

By blocking flash objects that are embedded to webpage you can have access to the page faster and eliminate certain flash element. Here are the popular flash firefox addons that works with the latest version of firefox browser (3.5)

Flash Blocking Addon For Firefox


Adblock Plus – Adblock plus is one of the finest firefox addon that blocks flash content, contextual advertisement and banners from the webpages.

Flash Block – Easy to use and one of the popular firefox addon allowing you to block Macromedia Shockwave, Flash and unwanted multimedia content.

Flask Killer – With a single click you can remove flash content from the website, flash killer resides on the bottom firefox bar, once enabled all flash movies are disabled.

So these were some of the the popular extension of Firefox based on flash content blocking. Depending on your needs, use any of them ;)

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