Free Popup Blocker For Internet Explorer 8 Browser

Websites put up these external popup ads so they can make more money. If you hate to disable popup ads individually and want to block them then make use of “popup blockers” on your browser.

Internet explorer popup blockers comes in various forms, some are paid commercial popup blockers that may not be for you, for simple pop up blocking I recommend the use of Simple adblock which is a free popup blocker for Internet explorer 8 browser.

Simple adblock has been a certified freeware IE popup blocker which worked for me as described. If you are looking to block popups from website then perhaps this is the best Pop up blocker you should download, after all it is completely free and compatible with IE browser.

Using Adblock for IE – Make sure internet explorer browser is closed so you can install simple adblock. Now direct download Simple adblock and run the setup

This might take couple of seconds and once the installation is completed – IE browser will automatically open and redirect to the simple adblock website asking for the country you’re residing in.


After you’ve submitted the information, you can use simple adblock to block certain do

main popup and disable popup ads on websites in your internet explorer 8 browser :)

There is also a small icon in the status bar, so to enable or disable popup ads ‘completely’ on your Internet explorer 8 or other version of IE browser make use of the icon as shown in the screenshot. I hope this little tool helps!

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