Mac Slow Motion Genie and Scale Effect With Shift Key

Genie effect and Scale effect are the two options available on Mac OS machines to minimize any open window. Both these eye-catching effects have been known for beautifully sliding down any open window onto the dock.

This is how a window minimizes with the Genie effect on a Mac:

The Slow Motion Effect

Hold the Shift key while minimizing any number of windows on your Mac and see the magic: The window minimizes in slow motion.

Probably you already know about this effect — this isn’t a trick, but a well-known feature added to the Mac OS. It is interesting to note that these effects were available from the past 11 years — when the Mac OS was first introduced.

Here is the video of Steve Jobs demonstrating Mac OS X for the first time and showing off the Genie effect and slowmo animation: onlookers are awed when the window minimizes:

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