Google chrome addons and Greasemonkey user script support

According to Info week,Google engineer’s recently announced the Webkit Google chrome web browser compatibility support for addons and user scripts.The greasemonkey founder is said to be working on Google chrome user script support whereas the addons built for chrome will be stable and doesn’t create any problem while browsing the web world.

There are already 2 million downloads of Chrome browser in just the first week which showcases the potential of Chrome encroachment  over other web browser.Though there were some Chrome addons bookmarklet and Greasemonkey type extension created for Chrome but the official support will be much better as it will be much more stable and enrich users browsing experience.

For now the Chrome support for userscripts and addons will surely bring a change in web browser as the only things that were highly missing was firefox like addon extentions compatiblity !

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