Latest Price of PSP 3000 And PSP GO Console

The abysmal sales of PSP devices has yet again pushed Sony to work their fingers to the bone. And this time the plan is to slash the price of the PSP GO and PSP 3000 device.

While Sony never issued an official statement regarding the pricing, but sites like Amazon have already listed PSP Go and PSP 3000 at a discounted price.

The Latest Price of PSP Go and PSP 3000 Console?

The pricing of PSP GO device has been lopped by 30 percent. So, now you don’t have to shell out the usual 250 euros, instead 179 euros will suffice. You can also download ten free games from the playstation network.

Oddly enough, the PSP 3004 price remains more of the same. However, PSP 3000 is down from 169 Euros to 119 Euros for standalone. And in the US, according to Joystiq, we can expect a $50 price cut on the PSP Go.

Note that the price of both PSP Go and PSP 3000 are said to be only applicable from October 27th to December 31st 2010.

Can this price drop stimulate the sales for Sony? Only time will tell. But for now, Sony needs to regain their focus and work on PSP2, if at all they want to compete against the Nintendo 3DS which is all set to debut in March, 2011.

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