Brain Behind the Nokia’s Classic Polyphonic Ringtone

Remember the classic Nokia ringtone? It is unarguably the world’s most popular mobile phone ringtone coming straight out of Nokia.

Here is an interesting story on how this polyphonic ringtone came into existence. Thomas Dolby, in the interim of his music career, spent his time in the Silicon Valley in the 90s. According to him the music business was pretty jaded during his time.

However, computer companies in the Silicon Valley were taking music seriously, and that was when Dolby worked on polyphonic ringtone, which could play more than one sound at the same time. And then the world’s largest mobile phone manufacturer Nokia licensed his work. The rest is history.

The melody was taken from a composition written by classical music composer Francisco Tarrega, whose work was later brought by Nokia in 1993, although it was after 84 years of his death.

Currently over three billion basic Nokia phones have this polyphonic ringtone, played over 1.8 billion times per day, which accounts for almost 1,200,000 plays every minute.

If you don’t have this ringtone, which is unlikely for a Nokia basic handset, or if you want to play the tune on your PC, then use Zedge to download this classic ringtone.

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