The Boldest Black: BB 9650

The recent BlackBerry tour have launched not only the latest gizmo but complaints pertaining to that of the unfriendly trackball and Wi-Fi absence — features that have been the topics of numerous blogs and online forums.

With this, Sprint affirmed that a newer version of the said tour will definitely have Wi-Fi as one of the top priority-feature that must not be forgotten! Also, to address the negative reviews brought about by the fellow trackball, BlackBerry Curve’s trackpad has also been refreshed.

Not too long, Sprint’s words came into commencement. RIM then revealed to the public, two new models of the BB family–  Pearl 9100 and Bold 9650, both being initially showcased at the Wireless Enterprise Symposium. These, after a prolonged wait, feature CDMA BlackBerry that could be more appropriately be placed side-by-side with the latest Blackberry Bold that’s offered via GSM carriers.

Other notable stuff on this introduction are the doubled application memory from 256 MB to 512 MB that’s fond on the BB Bold 9650 model, and the added partnership with networks Sprint and Verizon.

Build Quality

Taking a closer look at the casing, Blackberry Bold is somewhat identical to the Tour, the trackpad is present there, replacing the hard-to-use trackball, however the Bold is bigger than the Tour, but the unique in-between spaced keyboard, left-side single sound port and unified mute and lock key on the top part of the phone has been retained in the newer model.

Internal Components

In totality, the quality is long-standing with the battery cover having the same latch mechanism, matte plastic finishing and center-ridged texture. Aside from the superb quality, the phone remains efficient in its performance.

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On the downside, the application selection is somehow limited if compared with the Android and iPhone, however Google managed to embed their major features on the BlackBerry Bold.

The GPS, being a basic feature now in any smart phone has been always helpful. More to this, BlackBerry Maps application that is light on the bandwidth has been playing harmoniously than the better-known locators, on this particular mobile model.

The certified RIM apps designed for social networking and IM is intended to be perfected in due time and will be integrated with the common messages and address book features.

The Best Offer comes with blackberry bold

Here is the best part of the offer. Notice that there is a big leap for the memory capacity. The Bold 9650 has 512 MB of memory dedicated for the applications. Yes, that’s right! This makes the model as the first BlackBerry to have a very high application memory.

Blackberry Bold 9650 is a must-have for those who heavily install applications. You will certainly be able to upload everything you need…with more room left!