Top RSS Feed Readers For Ubuntu

I’ve been using Ubuntu for quite a while now. I really love the safe, secure and easy-to-use environment in Ubuntu. But one of the major issues while switching from Windows to Ubuntu was finding replacements for the software’s that I was using on Windows.

Ubuntu did provide me with lots of alternatives for my Windows software’s; GIMP was a really great replacement for Photoshop, Aptana Studio for Dreamweaver, for Microsoft Office. But finding a good RSS reader for Ubuntu was quite a difficult task.

After meddling around with different softwares, I’ve compiled a list of my personal favorite feed readers for Ubuntu. Hope you like them too. 😉

Best RSS Readers for Ubuntu [Free]

1. Liferea – Linux Feed Reader abbreviated as Liferea is a simple and easy-to-use feed reader for Linux. Call it a clone of FeedReader, but this software is designed specifically to suit the needs of Linux users. It currently supports RSS/RDF, CDF, Atom, OCS and OPML feed formats.

2. Akregator – Akregator is a fast, lightweight and intuitive RSS feed reader specially designed for KDE. It enables you to easily follow your favorite blogs, news sites, and other RSS enabled sites. Some of it’s amazing features include feed notifications, system tray integration, powerful internal browser and much more.

3. Blam! – Blam! is a simple to use GTK  feed reader. It is loaded with a minimal set of features that include adding & deleting feeds as well as import & export of OPML feed lists. One of the major drawbacks of Blam! is that it does not cache the feeds that are fetched.

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4. RSSOwl – RSSOwl is a very powerful RSS feed reader for Ubuntu. It allows you to easily gather, organize as well as search your feeds in a convenient and easy-to-use interface.

You can view various news feeds side by side in multiple tabs and also use the embedded browser to view the original post. It also provides you additional features such as newspaper view, news bins, grouping mode, news filters, labels and much more.

5. Straw – Straw is yet another simple RSS feed reader designed specifically for the GNOME desktop. It supports only RSS and Atom feeds. Some of it’s features include import & export OPML feed lists, support for grouping and offline reading. It has a traditional three-pane interface which makes it very simple and easy-to-use.

Have any other Ubuntu RSS readers to recommend? Share it here 🙂