WhatsApp vacation mode: What is this new feature

WhatsApp is one of the most used chat applications, we all know. What we should also know is that it is not the best app of this type that we can find for our mobile, although at least they try with new improvements in each update.

One of these improvements will arrive in the next few weeks, or perhaps months. It is the ” Vacation Mode “, something that has been preparing for a long time, but in the end it ends up delaying its departure. Now it seems that its launch would be closer and it could come out in the next versions of WhatsApp.

As far as we know, the ” Vacation Mode ” would be an option with which we could disconnect from various groups and contacts during the time that interests us. In this way, activating this mode in our month of vacation from work, we would silence the groups related to our company and the contacts that we do not want to disturb us while we are resting on the beach. Not only would it be a good option for the holidays, it would also be valid for weekends, holidays, days when we are looking for a mental break, etc.

The release date of this new option is not known at the moment, but we hope that it will not be delayed long, and you?

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