Google’s “Switch to Android” app can transfer your data to Android 12

Google is convinced of this, staying on iOS is a waste of time, you will certainly find what you are looking for in the Android ecosystem. To encourage and facilitate the migration from iOS to Android, Google has launched an application called “Switch to Android” on the App Store . Today, this app is evolving since it now supports the transfer of data to all smartphones equipped with the software version: Android 12.

A migration that covers all smartphones

You have just acquired a new Android smartphone and you want to transfer all your data that is currently on your iPhone? The best way is to use the “Switch to Android” application which will offer you a simple , fast and effective solution for moving your apps, contacts, messages and photos/videos. So far, the application developed by Google stuck when it was a smartphone with Android 12, the iPhone was ready, but the data reception did not work on the other side. The developers of the Mountain View firm have worked for a long time and have just.

Starting today, support for the Switch to Android app on iOS is rolling out to all Android 12 phones, so you can seamlessly switch some important information from your iPhone to your new Android. Once you have your new Android phone, follow our easy setup instructions to go through the data transfer process. You’ll be prompted to connect your old iPhone to your new Android phone either with your iPhone’s cable or wirelessly through the new Switch to Android app. Google also puts forward several reasons to convince you to abandon the Apple ecosystem, there are: the RCS protocol for messages, video chats with anyone and anywhere, the privacy-oriented approach , features such as Fast Pair available on the majority of wireless headphones and headsets sold today, Android widgets… Note that Apple also offers an application to carry out the move in the other direction. Indeed, Android users who wish to leave their smartphone to come to the wonderful world of Apple can download an application called “Migrate to iOS” , which is available for free on the Play Store.

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