Getting A Specific Phone Number For Your Business: A How-To Guide

In the last decade, the business has changed. It’s not just about what you do or how well you do it anymore. It’s also about who your customers are and where they find you. 

This is why getting a specific phone number for your business is so important – because today, people can get in touch with anyone, anywhere when they need to. So if someone needs assistance from your company but doesn’t have access to an email address or web page (such as in a public place), this will be their only way of reaching out. And that means that how easy it is for them to contact you can make all the difference between having one happy customer and 100 unhappy ones. In this guide, we’ll be going over six tips to get a specific phone number for your business that will allow you to grow.

1. Use a Virtual Phone Number Service Provider

The best way to get a specific phone number for your business is by using a virtual phone number service provider. They can provide you with almost any local area code, from anywhere in the country or even the world, and it won’t cost much either. You can use these numbers all through one central phone system, meaning they’ll seamlessly link up with each other and make it easier than ever for potential customers to reach you. As you can see obtaining a specific cell phone number isn’t hard at all. All you have to do is get in touch with a virtual phone number service provider, who can provide you with the number you need for your business.

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2. Use Your Phone Number As A Call To Action

Call to action marketing is one of the best ways to get ahead right now, so it’s not surprising that people are taking advantage of this approach. This is why you should make sure that your phone number is visible on every piece of marketing you put out – from pamphlets and business cards to websites and social media profiles. Even if people don’t end up calling you right away, this will still help them remember your company better because it’s essentially a reminder to contact you whenever they need assistance. And over time, as more people become aware of who you are and what you do, it will be easier for them to find your company and utilize your services whenever they need to.

3. Use A Local Phone Number If Your Business Is Mobile

If the area code for where you live has a low cost-per-call rate (meaning there aren’t too many other companies trying to get a line there), it might be best for you to use a local phone number. This means that instead of having a central number, your business can have several local numbers all over the country. While this approach may not reach as many people as using one single main number, it will still reach more than enough for you to turn a profit from the business. It’s also very convenient because customers won’t have to go through any unwanted calls in order to get in touch with you – they can simply pick up their phone and dial whatever number is closest to them at the time.

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4. Use A Virtual Phone Number Service Provider To Create An Interactive Voice Response System

An interactive voice response system is when you have a voice recording directing people to the right department within your company. It’s essentially like an automated phone menu, but instead of being limited to specific departments or options, it will be able to direct calls anywhere your business would like them to go. This is extremely convenient for businesses because it can allow customers to get in touch with your company without having to wait on hold or speak with a live operator. It’s also good for you because it gives your employees more time to focus on other tasks while still allowing customers to get in touch with the right person, whenever they need to.

5. Install Call Recording Software

If having call recordings available will work in the best interest of your company then hiring a virtual phone number service provider can help you get that done too. These types of setups come with pre-recorded prompts and greetings, which can be used to get people in touch with what they need quickly. After all, speed is essential when it comes to getting in touch with a company over the phone. Once you have this set up installed in your business, employees will have no choice but to talk in a way that’s professional and informative so they don’t end up losing business. If you’re not sure if this type of system is right for your company then take a look at what other businesses in your industry are doing and follow suit.

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6. Outsource The Work For Your Phone Number

Outsource the work for your phone number by hiring someone else to manage it for you! This could be done through a company like NexRep, which provides businesses with access to multiple phone reps who can handle anything from handling customer service calls all the way up to recording video testimonials and posting the videos online on behalf of their clients. This is especially effective because whatever it is you want your business to do over the phone, companies like this will be able to handle it. That means if you need a call recording for one of your websites, they can get that done for you in no time so you don’t have to worry about finding someone else who can do it.

There are lots of different ways to get an exclusive phone number for your company, but the above methods will all do the trick nicely. If you’re not sure which approach is best for your business, then take a look at what other companies in your industry are doing and simply adjust. If they’re getting results that you want too then there’s no point in trying to play around with the system when the current one works just fine.