Registration Process of wpit18 – Legal Activity or Not?


Without any pleasure, we have to announce that job hunting portals are experiencing a huge decline in job posts. However, at many candidates register themselves on this portal. If you are also one of those job hunters, we have got some exciting news!

Here, in this blog post, you will get to receive some criticism as well as pertinent information based on job posts. But yes, you should be vigilant in applying on the professional profile. It is because they are simply not so perfect.

If your question: who is the perfect audience for jobs posted here on The answer will remain the same: Philippines. They are the first target.

To register and make use of, kindly follow the steps mentioned below in the same order. But before we delve in there, let’s discuss what is, the procedure of WPC, and is legit and legal or not.

WPIT18 – What it is? 

This is the finest version of the World Pitmaster Cup, the hub where cockfighting is carried out for an audience. Even though the kind of brutality and cruelty is involved in cockfighting sport; it is still legal in a majority of countries.

Procedure of WPIT18

With the help of policies, rules, and regulations audience executes bets easily. Also, with certain protocols for using this site, events are carried out without any problem as such. Obviously, with the terms and conditions of using the site, the user remains safe. Otherwise, he faces consequences. However, to take part in the competition, it is a must to get yourself registered. And for registration, you have to get in contact with the admin office.

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We know that the competition and the tournaments of cockfighting have a massive fan base. The turnaround is also just wow regardless of the time of the year when it takes place. Cockfighting is also aired on television. For that, preparation is done on a significantly higher level. On the other hand, those who wish to watch the tournament of cockfighting on their systems use

Register at WPIT18. but How? is an online platform where cockfighting is streamed by many. To make use of the site, you have to open an account. But once it is done, there is an agent on the site who helps users to make complete use of the website. All you have to do is to visit the site and then follow the instructions. Remember, you will see sports like cockfighting along with activities like gambling on this site.

Jobs at WPIT18

When started finding the right candidate, it posted jobs on social media platforms. According to the job descriptions, the payout is between 5000 and 15000. Payments are cleared on weekly basis. But the person who takes the job should stay alert for a tournament, matches, and even other work related to cockfighting in all 365 days and 24 hours of the week.

The reason for such job advertisements is that the owners are looking for gold agents for These gold agents will receive or rather earn only 1% of the fee. Whereas, the silver agents will get a commission based on how many athletes they bring to our platform. Payments are done through bank transfers as well as an online banking system.

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Is a Safe and Legit Activity Hub?

Cockfighting and similar sports are heinous. They should not be the source of entertainment. Unfortunately, it is not the case in many parts of the world. Enlisted are some of the facts about the sport, cockfighting.

  • It is very critical to play and compete in this game. We have high doubts about gold and silver agents because it makes the craziest proposition.
  • registration is extremely denounced. Do you know why? well, it is because the pain and torture given to cocks as in roosters is very shameful.
  • Roosters are mostly injured and sometimes are declared dead during the fight. It is brutal, tormenting, and simply unacceptable for humans.
  • Even if the user wins the competition or a game. The amount given in the name of the winning price is utilized in the welfare of animals.

Last Words: & Cockfighting Sport claims to give the amount as a token of appreciation against winning the game. However, it is not the case. We can’t say if you will win the game or not. Even if you win the game, we can’t give a stance on whether you will get the amount or not.