Holidays On The Islands Of Indonesia

Today, recreation in Indonesia is very common, since the climatic conditions of this country are conducive to trips here at any time of the year. The mild climate, combined with excellent nature and pristine beaches, make the country a true paradise.

Holidays in Indonesia in 2022-2023

By right, Indonesia is considered one of the most interesting countries in Southeast Asia. It is called the country of a thousand islands, wanting to emphasize that it is the world’s largest island nation. There are more than 13 thousand islands here. Many of them are of volcanic origin (there are about 200 active volcanoes in Indonesia). The islands are located on both sides of the Equator, but most of the territory is in the southern hemisphere. It was on these islands that the cultures of many people were closely intertwined, each of which brought its own religion and language here.

It is curious that among the thousands of islands of the archipelago, most of them are uninhabited. There are active volcanoes, magnificent lakes and even eternal glaciers on the tops of the mountains, which is very unusual in conditions close to the equator. Rest assured that the photos will be amazing in Indonesia, as such natural wonders are hard to find elsewhere.

The archipelago has a well-developed tourist infrastructure. The islands of Bali (Jimbaran, Nusa Dua, Ubud), Bintan and Lombok are considered to be centers of tourism. It is here that the best resorts and hotels are located. For tourists who prefer a beach holiday, Indonesia will be an ideal choice, as the beaches here are truly amazing. They attract with the purest fine sand, the sound of the waves and the surrounding lush tropical vegetation. And of course, excellent service, true oriental hospitality – this is what is the motto of Indonesian resorts.

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Holidays In Indonesia: Democratic Prices, Elite Service

But tourism in Indonesia is not only blue lagoons and cozy beaches, but also many interesting excursion programs. So, you can go on a boat trip to the nearest island, visit the ancient Borobudur temple, it is located on the mysterious island of Java, go down into the mouth of a volcano, become a participant in ancient mystical rites and rituals, and much more.

Outdoor enthusiasts will find plenty of options here, including golf and long walks to the unique multi-colored lakes located in the very mouth of the volcano. For those who prefer extreme forms of entertainment, The Best Dive Center Bali diving trip with experienced instructors to the bottom of the ocean is offered. The local flora and fauna can surprise even experienced travelers and divers.

All resorts of the archipelago can also offer wellness treatments in modern SPA centers. Both modern medical achievements and ancient recipes of the peoples inhabiting the islands are used there. 

All this, combined with untouched wildlife and mysticism, present in everything, make Indonesia extremely attractive for tourists.

Our advice

1. We recommend keeping jewelry and money in a hotel safe located in your room or at the reception.

2. You do not need to carry your passport and air tickets with you while walking around the city and excursions. It is better to leave them in the hotel safe. If documents are lost, the embassies of the CIS countries in Indonesia issue a permit for the tourist to travel back to their homeland. It is impossible to put further visas in this document and it is impossible to travel to other countries with it.

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3. It is not recommended to leave personal items (handbags, wallets) unattended on the beaches.

4. Use sunscreen. The sun in Bali is insidious; it can “fry” you even when you lie in the shade, which is helped by the breeze and the reflection of sea water. Especially take care of yourself in the first days of rest, do not stay long by the sea or the pool.