How to get Digital Nomad Visa in Portugal without Any Problems?

Getting a Digital Nomad Visa in Portugal without Any Problems

Can you call yourself a digital nomad and your life is somehow connected with Portugal? Well, in this case, you might need a special visa. Follow this article to stay tuned.

The Essence of a Digital Nomad Visa

Generally, a digital nomad is a person who earns remotely and moves within various countries. Such people may work basically from anywhere as long as this is what they dedicate their time to. It is a lifestyle they have chosen.

A Digital Nomad Visa in Portugal is a special kind of visa. You have a chance to stay in Portugal (according to the law) and live there without any issues thanks to it.

By the way, it is also called a D7 visa. It is really convenient to have such a visa as long as it allows you to stay in the country for an extended time (it may be a year or even more).

The Requirements to Receive a Digital Nomad Visa

The key to success in this matter depends on how well you are aware of the details of the process. The first and foremost aspect to bear in mind is that you ought to meet certain requirements as a digital nomad. If you have this knowledge, the procedure will not seem as complicated to you as at the very beginning. So, everything you should keep in mind will be listed below.

  1. It is important to receive a NIF number. This is a sort of tax ID that is issued by the Portuguese authorities. There are quite a few intermediaries online who will be eager to do this for you for a fine fee.
  2. Prepare a non-EU citizen passport. It serves as proof of your ID.
  3. Take care of opening an account in one of the Portuguese banks. This is a simple procedure, to tell the truth (especially in case you stick to professional assistance).
  4. Make sure your Criminal Record is clean. Certainly, this has to be proven by a document.
  5. Take a look at how well the condition of your finances is. To do so, it is okay to deal with the document from the bank. And sure, it has to be presented in order to get a D7 visa.
  6. Think about the statement of residence. The place you live in should be rather adequate which is the main requirement.
  7. Prepare info about health insurance coverage.
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This is it! Certainly, the requirements you are about to follow may change depending on the provider but these ones are the most typical. So, hope you will not have any trouble with getting any of the stuff listed here ready.

By the way, it is an excellent idea to ask the provider about matters that may worry you. Do not ignore such a piece of advice as long as it may influence the process of getting the documents ready in a positive way.

Looking for the Finest Provider: a Few Tips to Bear in Mind

Well, the most significant thing to deal with is to select a team of trustworthy helpers who know how to interact with the Portuguese authorities so as to make the procedure of getting a D7 visa as fast as possible. And, if you have no idea about what you should take a look at or have some doubts, feel free to pay attention to some of the features that might be helpful enough.

  1. See whether there is a full description of the service on the site of the intermediary/a company. It should include justifying the necessity of getting particular stuff (applying for it/requesting/getting), the price, and what you need to prepare. If something is missing, it is not really good.
  2. Take a look at the way the intermediary interacts with you. But how can you make a certain conclusion about this? Simply ask a few questions by referring to the support team or use the contacts section indicated on the platform for receiving such a service as a D7 visa (a Digital Nomad one).
  3. Think about the cost suggested to you. Is it adequate? What does it look like compared to other firms that are eager to deliver this kind of help? Besides, it is also important to note how long you will be expecting the result.
  4. Look at the site. It should be clear and easy to work with. This refers to listing the services and general navigation.
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By the way, this is the main stuff to deal with. If something negative draws your attention, it may be a reason for searching for someone else to collaborate with. The best of luck with getting a Digital Nomad visa and hope it will be really easy and quick!