How to Launch Your New Product on the Largest Online Platform 

As you are no doubt aware, the largest selling platform online is Amazon, with more than 185 fulfillment centers across 15 countries and approximately 9.7 million sellers worldwide, satisfying a very impressive 200 million strong customer base of prime members with the addition of non-prime customers worldwide (according to statistics by

These are just a few reasons why you need to launch your new product using the Amazon selling platform. Of course, you may think that your little business would not necessarily attract the attention you want for your sales, with so many established competitors thriving on the site. However, with a bit of help and a few important tactics, this couldn’t be any further from the truth.

#1 Get help from the experts 

In order to rub shoulders with the big boys, you are likely to need help from experts. Amazon marketing specialists like Nuanced Media can assist you with your listing content, photos, and graphics, which will help you achieve the sales you want. They will also be able to put into practice marketing strategies that you may not have realized actually work on a site such as Amazon, but which could be your secret weapon in gaining attention and putting your product far higher up in the search results and in front of more potential customers. 

#2 Ensure you have enough stock

Nothing is more frustrating to a customer or embarrassing to a seller than finding that there simply isn’t enough stock to cover all of the orders placed. This is why you need to ensure that you have enough stock and the ability to source more at short notice should you require it in a hurry. This may mean that you require multiple suppliers or increase your purchasing power to obtain larger quantities of merchandise.

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#3 Find a reliable shipping service 

You also need to take your time to find the correct shipping provider. Customers tend to lump the companies they buy from in with the shipper used to send their items. This means that if the shipping company you chose is not good at maintaining delivery slots, is less than gentle with your goods, or has a habit of losing the items that you are shipping – it is your business that the customer will blame, and your reputation that is at stake. 

#4 Give free gifts 

For your customers to understand that it is your company they are purchasing from rather than just Amazon, you need to separate your services and products from the large name. You can do this by creating your own brand and then putting your brand name over everything. Packaging, both boxes and internal packaging products, can carry your brand name and the actual packing boxes in which your items are shipped. To ensure that your customers associate with your brand even more, you can add branded products to their orders as freebies and include a leaflet providing information about your other products for sale. #

Ensuring this connection is strong is a good move as it will inspire customer loyalty and have that customer looking for your items again when visiting Amazon rather than purchasing from another seller.