How to put bots on Discord to keep my channel active – Complete usage guide

Discord has become a special social network for gamers , in addition to its use in video games, having instant messaging applications, sending messages , chatting with video and many more options, creating many types of communities or servers and improving them with different automatisms, such as is the case of bots.

What is the main function of Discord bots?

Bots are programs designed to perform certain functions automatically, for messaging systems or online chats such as Discord, they are usually installed to create assistants capable of interacting with group members automatically, in this way they can say hello to the members who are new to the team, answer pre-established questions, take a tour of the room, etc.

What are the types of bots available on Discord?

The types of bots that exist are very varied and depend on the specific function or group of functions that they execute , among these we can mention: offering information on a topic, organizing contests and raffles, setting the room with music , greeting new ones members, manage the room, create games, guide new members through the room, automatically answer the most common questions, make scheduled reminders and announcements, automatically promote activities, and much more.

How can I install bots to Discord?

To start you must bear in mind that only administrators can add bots to a chat, room or channel. To add a Discord bot to your server, you will need to access a third-party page where these bots are located. Some of the most popular pages to download and install these bots are: Bots on Discord, Discord Bot List or Carbonitex, among others.

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To begin, you can have two ways to download a bot from any of the pages: first by checking the bot index , and second by using the search engine to find the one that has the functions you are looking for. If you use the search engine you will be able to incorporate terms or words that are shown in its name or description. In some cases they are classified by category.

When you find the bot that interests you, you will have two options, one will be to install it directly and another to enter its information , if you do not know the bot and the functions it offers you can enter and review its description before making a decision. When you decide which one to install, select the option to add to the server, the system will ask you to log in and select the server where you want to install it, then it will show you all the permissions it requires to function.

Once the conditions and permissions have been read, if you accept it, you must select authorize, the bot installation process will immediately begin, once the installation process is complete, you will only have to configure it.

How can I create a bot for the Discord platform?

For the bot to work properly, we must first have a JavaScript compiler and a text editor installed. Once the above is in place, we will proceed to create an application in Discord for the bot. This is because we need to have an authorization token for Discord to recognize your code and add the bot on their servers.

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To achieve this, we will enter, select developers, applications option, and me. We must have the account open, directly access the list of applications , select a new application, name the bot, and select save changes. Then in the right menu, we select the bot, we mark Add Bot, then to build a bot, in case of having only the application that we just made, it should appear automatically, if it does not appear, you have to look for it in the list.

Then we will go to the App Bot user marked box, there we look for Token, we select to open, we mark the link and a text string will appear, this is the authorization token of the bot that allows us to send the code. This code is secret and you should not share it, because whoever has it can create, modify and control your bot.

What are the best Discord bots 

As has been said, there are many and varied bots to use and install, but these are the most popular on Discord:


In addition to moderating the channel avoiding spam and allowing you to ban problematic members, it also sets the rooms with varied music from YouTube, Twitch, Soundcloud, among others, it also integrates reactions and funny images, one of its advantages is that you do not need configure it, in addition, it is a bot that is always active and is still under development, another advantage is that it works in Spanish.

Dank Memer

It is a bot with a wide variety of commands available, it can be said that it integrates functions that other bots already execute, however, what makes it so popular is its style and the countless memes, funny images and personalized music reproductions, it even allows you create your own meme? it also has support for Spotify

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One of its great advantages is that it does almost everything automatically once you configure it, it will allow you, among other things, to moderate your server, avoid spam, put music on the server, issue notices, announcements and reminders, you can also do rankings to your liking, you can reward the most active members of the channel, create playgroups, create roles for server members , etc.


This is basically a game bot that allows members of the server to face enemies or each other, it presents a fairly simple mechanic based on going through dungeons and doing a kind of collective robbery so that they can level up and improve their armor. It has a series of easy to learn and intuitive commands despite not being available in Spanish, even so, it is quite simple, it also includes a music command.