How to save money on online shopping: 5 working ways

Ordering online is not only convenient, but also profitable. Shops and trading platforms on the Web literally give their customers all sorts of bonuses and gifts.

As we all know, quarantine during the COVID-19 pandemic increased the turnover of online commerce several times. There is a noticeable replenishment in the army of fans of shopping on the couch. New buyers during forced isolation realized that the choice of goods on online platforms is huge, there is no need to spend time and effort, and prices are an order of magnitude lower than in retail stores. And if you also know some secrets, you can save even more. We reveal the secrets of online shopping together with the experts of Briansclub.

1. How much does it cost?

First of all, of course, you need to study the prices. There are special search shopping services that help you find the best deal: they give you information about how much the same product costs in different online stores.

2. Promo codes

I am not looking for promotional codes on specialized services, I just write a query in a search engine and select a promotional code for a store or product that interests me. But to find a code that gives a significant discount when buying. 

3. Cash Back

Banks encourage customers to buy in every possible way. Many people now have mobile applications of the bank installed, where they can choose options for the profitable purchase of a certain group of goods or purchases from partners. There are always a lot of good offers for their customers – there are discounts on hotel reservations, transport rentals, training, cleaning, dry cleaning, etc.

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So-called co-branded cards have also been created for consumers – a banking product issued by an issuing financial institution together with reputable partner companies. Benefit – minus 3% of the purchase price on this site.

There are also other programs: for example, the accumulation of bonuses that can be paid off on the next purchase. In some cases, the cost of the purchase is fully offset by the accumulated bonuses. In general, take the time to check out bank promotions.

4. Shopping with friends

Here, for the volume of orders, you can get up to minus 15-20% of the price (which is why bloggers constantly distribute their personalized coupons on social networks: the more people make purchases, the more discount the blogger will receive).

5. Subscribe to social networks

It is convenient and profitable to be a subscriber on the pages of online stores in social networks: this way you can not only get acquainted with the new assortment, see the beginning of sales, but also quickly respond to new promotional offers. Often, stores launch separate promotions for followers: subscription discounts, reposts, etc.

To make profitable purchases, subscribe to your favorite online stores, enable push notifications, the stores themselves will inform you about promotions, discounts, urgent offers. Also put in the tracking the prices of the goods you need, so you do not miss the message about the best price.