How to set up a subscriber-only stream on Twitch

We already know that Twitch is the preferred platform for gamers around the world and that direct streams are made on it so that others can see the latest games on the market and how we play them. Well, there is a very interesting faculty by which we can broadcast a live only for our subscribers , something that they are sure to love. We tell you how you can do it.

Subscriber broadcasts of this type provide any creator with the opportunity to prepare exclusive content for members who are most engaged with their channel. This is a very good thing, not only for them, but also for those who are thinking about being new subscribers. You are sending them the message that you are the creator and that you care about your community.

Requirements for this type of transmission

Being a creator and being able to carry out this type of transmission for your creators is not something that everyone can do, that is, it is a privilege. Transmissions of this type are limited to those creators who meet specific requirements , otherwise that option will not even appear in the Twitch menu.

These minimum requirements are:

  • Be an affiliate or partner of Twitch.
  • Have issued at least 90 individual days as an affiliate or partner.
  • Not have violated the community guidelines set by Twitch in the last 90 days of broadcast. Therefore, if a channel has received a suspension, it will need to broadcast for 90 days without committing any other if it wants to have these transmissions again.

Tips to Start streaming for subscribers

Once we meet all the minimum requirements to be able to carry out this type of transmissions, what we must do is do the following:

  • Let’s go to the Twitch streamer control panel .
  • Next we must enter select Audience from the transmission information tab.
  • Now you must select All subscribers . Moderators and VIPs will be able to view Subscriber Streams by default. If you don’t want them to participate, all you have to do is uncheck their boxes in the Audience section.
  • Now you just have to start the transmission.
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Something that we must bear in mind is that, if we have already started a direct, we will no longer be able to make it only for subscribers, so either we continue in the same way or we close the direct and open another, but this time for subscribers.

Another thing to keep in mind is that these transitions are governed by the same rules as everyone on Twitch broadcasts. That is, they are subject to the same terms of service and conditions as the rest of the transmissions, so if the rules are violated, the sanctions will be the same as those applied from outside.

If someone sees something that violates the rules, they can report the creator in the same way as in other channels that are for all types of audiences.

All subscriber broadcasts will be identified with a Subscriber Broadcast tag . Any viewer will be able to search for content of this type on Twitch.

It is highly recommended that any creator put into practice two simple recommendations that will make subscribers better understand your live and another in which they are given a priority that they will like a lot.

  • It would be very interesting to write in the title of the transmission there was a mention that it is only for subscribers , since in this way any viewer will know what it is.
  • Another measure that is very popular is to make the public chat only for subscribers during that broadcast. This is something that will make your subscribers feel even more special and that they feel that all the live is exclusive for it. We achieve this with the chat / subscribers command .
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What’s new if I’m a spectator?

If you are a viewer, you will find that subscriber broadcasts are a different way of interacting with the content creator . In itself, for any streamers this is a way to thank that their subscribers are there.

This type of subscription has a special label , as we have told you above, so if you are a subscriber of that channel you know that what is coming out is only for you.

If you are not a subscriber of the channel that is doing a direct for subscribers, you should know that you will be able to enter and make a preview of what is running there. It’s Twitch’s way of trying to get you to subscribe too in the end. Each channel that broadcasts a broadcast for subscribers will have a free daily preview that you will be able to use.

If your free preview ends and you want to continue participating, you can subscribe to that channel as soon as you want. If you are Prime, you can take advantage of the free subscription and use it with that specific content creator. In this way you will get access to any current or future subscriber broadcast of that channel for the duration of your subscription.

What are Subscription levels on Twitch

We can subscribe to channels with several levels or taking advantage of if we are subscribed to Prime Gaming.

To subscribe to Prime Gaming we only need to have an active Amazon Prime account that is linked to the gaming service . To achieve this we must do the following:

For that we must do the following:

  • Let’s go to  Prime Gaming > Your Twitch accounts .
  • Below we will see the option to Connect a Twitch account , where we must click.
  • We log in to Twitch and then we will see how it asks us to link both accounts by clicking on Confirm .
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Once this is done, to be able to subscribe to Prime Gaming we only have to perform these steps:

  • Let’s go to  Prime Gaming.
  • We will see a blue sign in the center of the screen where it says Activate Prime Gaming . We can also click on the menu, which are the three vertical stripes on the left side of the screen.
  • Now we will go to a screen where we must confirm the country we are in and press Continue .
  • After a few seconds we will be part of Prime Gaming.

With Prime Gaming we can subscribe to a channel for free . From there, each additional channel that we subscribe will be paid and the cost will depend on the level at which we subscribe.

  • Level 1 : $ 4.99 per month.
  • Level 2 : $ 9.99 per month.
  • Level 3 : $ 24.99 per month.

Each level will have a series of benefits both for the subscriber, but also for the creator, since for level 1  50%  of what we pay goes to the relay, in level 2 it takes  60% , while in level 1 level 3 the streamer pockets  80%  of what we have paid.