Remove Ads from Feed Demon 3 Feedreader

Here is an excellent way to remove ads from Feed demon 3 feed reader. Feed demon 3 version is free and a great RSS reader to keep yourself updated with the latest news happening around the world.

Though I don’t use feed reader normally but when I tried out Feed demon 3 pre-release I saw a small advertisement banner on the bottom left corner that keeps refreshing every 2 minutes. Here is how Feed demon 3 looks like when you open it, notice the ads!

These ads are served by deck network and thanks to Malware help we can block the banner ads from Feed demon 3 beta version too. Please note that this method can be a risky in a way, and whenever I’ll find a new solution to remove feed demon ads I will update the post, for now the solution is as follows.

Firstly you have to edit the hosts file and include a piece of code. To do this, we have to navigate to system32 folder. Before that please make sure feed demon is completely closed and it isn’t running in the background process.

Now open run or windows explorer and navigate to the system32 –> Drivers –> etc folder. The final destination should be


As shown in the screenshot above – You will find hosts file in the folder, right click on it and open with notepad or any text editor. Now the important part, add these lines in the host file:

Now restart your Feed demon 3 reader, though the space is still seen but the banner ads are blocked! 😉

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