Find out Fake Memory Stick in PSP 3000, PSP 3004

Wouldn’t it suck to own an fake memory stick? And still pay the same amount of money you would pay for the original Sony memory stick? It does. So, here is a quick tip for those of you who are planning to buy memory card or who wants to check the genuineness of the psp memory card.

As a matter of fact, memory sticks with the brand names typo are sold in the market, but the price tag is half of what you pay for the Sony memory stick.. the reason being it’s not an original stick.

Whether it is an PSP 3000 or PSP 3004, you can find out if it’s an fake memory card or not by simply following these steps..

Detecting PSP Fake Memory Stick

Assuming that you’ve already inserted the memory card into your psp device, navigate to the PHOTO drive where you’ll find Camera and Memory Card sub drives.

Head over to the memory stick icon and click the ^ button (top right).. which will display options such as Slideshow, Receive & Information.

Click on Information, if it shows MagicGate as supported then you have original memory card. And, if it shows MagicGate as unknown then you’ve been fooled big time. So, that is it.. an pretty easy way to detect if you’ve an genuine memory card or not.. mine is genuine 😉 8GB stick. How about yours?

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