Call International Phone Numbers For Free — As Skype Offers One Month Premium Subscription

Calling landline numbers and cell phone numbers has been easier and cheaper through Skype, but now it’s even better, as you can can make unlimited phone calls by signing up for “Skype with love” offer.

Available only to the existing Skype users, the offer will get you one month of free subscription to Skype Premium services, which offers various calling benefits — you can make calls to landline numbers in over 40 countries or call mobile phones in 7 countries, and yes, US and Canada included.


If you can get hold of this offer with the Skype International offer, then you will have two months of free calling.

Although Skype claims you can make “unlimited” calls, there are a couple of things you should know. There offer comes with a fair usage policy to prevent fraud and abuse. However, unlike the previous Skype offer, Skype Premium member will be able to enjoy lots of new features — you will be able to make group video calls, share your screen with your friends, and do the usual instant messaging and calling.

Note that Skype will automatically charge your card (credit or debit) or PayPal account as soon as the trial expires. Make sure to cancel the subscription after 27 days, if you don’t want to use the service.

Head over to this page and hit the “Get Started” button to avail this offer. Users will also get one-to-one customer support at no additional cost. This is an offer we couldn’t refuse.

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