FAQ: Free Games on PSP 3004 For Download? ISO, CSO Game Files Details

The whole point of this post is not to provide download link of games for PSP 3004 — we will actually be sharing some vital information for the new PSP owners who, I assume, have no clue on how to get games or run ISO and CSO game files. 

In this article we will be demystify some common questions regarding games on PSP 3004.

How to download free games on PSP 3004?

Let’s ask this: How to add the downloaded games on your Sony PSP? You can find free games on various sites and forums, but how can you transfer them and play such games later?

PSP is different. You just can’t transfer ISO or CSO file to your PSP and install the game. You need to mod your PSP, for which you should know the currently running firmware or your gaming console.


New PSP Games


PSP Files Like ISO, CSO Has Games

PSP games are usually in .iso or .cso format. You can find tons of games for download, and these games are actually ripped from the official Sony UMD’s and later made available for free download.

The crucial step to add PSP game files is to mod the device. You can check out this PSP 3004 Hacking FAQs to understand more about this.

Once you’ve a hacked PSP device, you can download games and add it onto your PSP instantly in the ISO folder which is created once you hack your psp in the root directory. Without doing this you won’t be able to play iso, cso games!

After you have modded your PSP with custom firmware, downloading games off torrents or file hosting site is a breeze. There are some crucial points to note:

  • If you have modded your PSP using older chicken technique, you may want to avoid switching off your PSP as this will erase all the saved games and you want to re-mod the device again.
  • Modded PSPs can be connected on Mac and Windows. The PSP acts like a USB — you get a drive, where there are a couple of folders. Add or transfer the game files easily.
  • Sony doesn’t recommend modding your PSP. Make sure you know what you are doing.
  • Even freely available games on the Internet cannot be transferred unless its available in the PSN or you have a modded console.
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If you have any questions to ask, feel free to drop your comment here.