How to add contacts without phone number to Telegram

In this tutorial, we are going to teach you how to add contacts to Telegram for which we do not have the phone number. For those who do not know, Telegram is a messaging application that greatly improves WhatsApp. Even the Facebook app often copies the news that Telegram introduces.

Telegram Messenger

One of the greatest virtues of Telegram is privacy, and you can even choose who can see your phone number. Something very useful when we are in groups and we do not want to expose our number to their members. Telegram groups are precisely another of its advantages, being much more versatile than WhatsApp and even allowing the installation of bots that interact with users.

Add contacts to Telegram with their aliases

But let’s get down to business and explain how you can add contacts to Telegram for whom we do not know their phone number and we only know their aliases.

The first thing we must do is enter the Telegram app on our mobile. Now that we are inside we go to the “Magnifying Glass” that appears in the upper corner and click on it.

There we must write the alias of the person we want to add to Telegram. To do this we must start by typing the “@” and then the full alias.

Surely we will get several names as a result. We only have to select the one we are looking for by clicking on it and entering its chat..

Now that we are in your chat we go to the top and click on the menu of the three vertical points. We will get the option to ” Add ” and we just have to click on it to go to a new menu where we configure its file and then click on “Done” and thus make it our new contact.

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Search Telegram groups

The previous system is also valid for finding groups.

We just have to write in “Lupa” the name or the first letters of a group and we will get several to be able to add us. We enter the one that interests us and this time click on the bottom of the screen where it says “Join”. And that’s it!