How to change the font size in WhatsApp?

WhatsApp is one of the most used messaging applications among the entire population. Unfortunately, many users, especially older ones, have problems reading the texts that appear on the app screen due to the small size of the font. In this article, we are going to help you change the size of the text in WhatsApp chats, so that you can at least try to read the messages better without having to move your mobile very much closer or further away.

How to change the font size in WhatsApp?

The first thing we must do is enter our WhatsApp application. Now that we are in it, we must go to the upper left corner and click on the three points that should appear there. On the screen we will now see a menu with several options and we have to select the one that says ” Settings “.

Now we are in settings and we have a large number of options to choose from on the screen. We have to go directly to the one that says ” Chats ” and wait for the next screen to load.

Change WhatsApp text size

In the “Chats” menu at the bottom appears the option ” Font size “. It only remains to click on it and choose between the three sizes that WhatsApp offers us:

Medium (default)

If we see well we can leave the option “Medium” and even change to the one that says “Small” which is for those who have a lynx sight. If we find it difficult to read the texts, we can change to the “Large” option, which can at least alleviate our near vision problems a little.

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After making the change we only have to enter any of our chats to check how the new texts are on the screen . If we are not convinced by what we have done, we only have to return to the menu in question to try another font size again.