How to Reinstall ChickHEN Hack on PSP

For starters, ChickHEN is an homebrew enabler that lets you flash your PSP’s RAM so that you can play games and install homebrew applications.

Although you can download chickHEN with no strings attached, but you should have an official firmware of 5.03 to execute chickHEN on your PSP 1000, PSP 2000, PSP 3000 and PSP 3004 model.

Assuming that you’ve already installed chickHEN on your PSP device – and even after multiple tries the chickHEN images are not working on your PSP, then instead of recreating the whole process, try to reinstall chickHEN folder.

Want to Reinstall ChickHEN on PSP?

So, if your PSP refuses to show the green boot up screen then reinstalling chickHEN hack is the last definitive option you should go with. Firstly, assuming that chickHEN doesn’t work on your PSP, download the chickHEN R2 enabler from here (alternate link).

Extract and open the folder named Slim. Here you can find the new chickHEN folder.

Now connect your PSP through USB connection and navigate to the PSP’s PHOTO from your computer

You will notice the ChickHEN folder in your PSP’s Photo section, now replace the non-working chickHEN (which is in your memory card) with the new chickHEN folder that you’ve extracted.

Safely unplug the PSP and execute the ChickHEN by visiting Photo section and it should work. It worked for me on the first try. That’s about it. Hope this helps!

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