How to Restore, Recover Deleted Bookmarks in Firefox browser

If you have important bookmarks stored on your computer web browser, then it is essential to have backups of them. Somehow, the laziness within all of us assures us not to make backups regularly! After all, we are assured with the fact that nothings wrong gonna happen…

If you’re still reading this post then chances are you haven’t made a back up of Firefox browser and wanting to recover those bookmarks that were in your firefox profile.

While going through the Mozilla firefox folder on my pc, I found out an folder in the firefox profile named bookmarkbackups – Which, as the name suggests, saves all your bookmarks in JSON file format. I never knew about this folder in firefox, luckily enough if you’ve deleted bookmarks or if you’ve messed up with firefox browser and don’t know how to get back, restore bookmarks in Firefox browser again then I believe this is the trick..

You will be diving deep into windows for searching your firefox profile. You can do this by navigating to..

C:Documents and SettingsUSERApplication DataMozillaFirefoxProfiles

USER should be placed with your computer user name. If you unsure about this then head over to C drive, then Documents and Settings where you will find several folders, the folder other than “all users” is your USER.

Similarly navigate to Application Data, Mozilla –> Firefox –> Profiles and you will find your firefox profile (My profile was b8a7x4y6.default). Inside this there are several folders including bookmark backups. Click on the bookmark backups and save it somewhere on desktop so it gets easier to import.

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Now, open your firefox browser and click on Bookmarks –> Organize Bookmarks. Click on import and backup and you will find an option to restore the bookmarks that are in JSON format.

Most of the times, they will be pre-fetched if they are associated with your default profile ;) So, restoring and recovering deleted bookmarks in Firefox ain’t so hard eh? :P