How to Upgrade/Update Norton Software Products

There was a phase when Norton products were to be taken as an secondary security product, as they were outdone by the emerging security products. They did manage to pull themselves in with the release of Norton 4.0 360, and embraced the customer satisfaction.

Battling in the field of the security software-products are companies such as Norton Kaspersky, Avast, ESET and many more.. And, if you’re using any of the Norton software and security product (You have purchased the subscription), but can’t seem to find out ways to update your Norton product to the latest version then read on..

Usually there is a fear of losing the serial key while making an update of the software, or the key wouldn’t work if you attempt for an fresh installation and registering the key. So, here is an basic over view on how you should actually upgrade/update the Norton software using update-center..

Norton has an inbuilt update information. You need to click on the update button in your Norton product so that it downloads the update file and restarts the computer, keeping your product up-to-date. This is the basic technique to apply an upgrade to your current Norton software on the computer.

The other way would be to download the update exe file from Norton website and update all the installed Norton applications, instantly.

To do this, follow this url and click on Update me now, this will initiate you to download an exe file, and when you execute the update file – All the Norton products (Norton anti-virus, Norton Security software) updates will be installed and you don’t have to enter the serial key or license registration information again.

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