How to Join Combine TIFF files (TIF Images)

TIF files are also sometimes called as “TIFF” are image format that are of greater resolution as they are in the lossless image encoding form. If you have any aerial photos or images then most probably they are of TIFF image format.

If you want to make panoramic image then you can combine Tiff images together using various methods. If you have images in other format like BMP, JPG, PNG then you can store all of them with TIFF format which is helpful at times.


You can convert TIF to PDF by making use of adobe photoshop or adobe professional software where you can reduce the size of tiff format files. Drag and drop the tiff format files in the adobe photoshop which will create a layer and then you can save them or print the tiff files. And if you are trying to join or print TIFF images as multi-page in the same form then it is not possible with freeware joiner.

For those of you who wants to OCR the tiff files then check out Office Document Image manager or convert TIF files into other format should download freeware irfan viewer.

One of the best solution for combining TIFF images is to change the format of TIF into other forms (you can do this using screen capturing tool or free image converters) and save them again as tiff format.

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