How to Access Your Facebook Email Address

One of our readers asked me this question via email: How can I access and read messages sent to my Facebook email address? That had me wondering because, honestly, I had very little knowledge about Facebook email.

I have a Facebook email address, yes, but I haven’t used it anytime.

Probably it is a smart idea to have a Facebook email address, but resorting to such address as your primary way of communication may be a bit too extreme. I’d always prefer Gmail over Facebook email! Adam Pash from Lifehacker has an excellent article on this subject, titled: Why You Shouldn’t Switch Your Email to Facebook.

Reading Messages Sent to Your Facebook Email Address

Your Facebook email ID is same as your public username on Facebook. As posted in the Facebook FAQ page, if your user name is username, then your Facebook email address is

Facebook FAQ: How to use email address?

There’s no special link for accessing messages sent to your Facebook email address. Facebook puts everything at one place, which means all the messages you receive — from your friends in and outside of Facebook — will be available in Messages.

You will be automatically notified if a new message is sent to your Facebook address. Read the messages by logging into your Facebook account, or simply visit this link.

I sent a test message to my Facebook email address using my Gmail ID. I had to refresh my Facebook profile several times, and wait for over 3 minutes, to get notified of the new message. Compared to other email services, Facebook is kind of slow, but then, it’s free!

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