Remove Disable Windows Security Center Alerts in Windows XP

Windows operating system comes with a security center alerts that pings you about your important components status. For example, if you have the firewall turned off then Microsoft Windows XP will display the message as a pop up balloon in the task bar saying No Firewall is turned on or Firewall is disabled. Same goes when you have no antivirus product installed on your windows XP or Vista system.

Once you click on the balloon, you will be able to turn on firewall and automatic windows update features from the security center alerts windows as shown.


If you have any of the feature turned off then the balloon will pop up every time you boot your windows XP with a notification message. So to disable security alert messages or to completely remove the security pop up from the taskbar from Windows XP, follow these simple steps.

Disabling Windows XP Security Alerts

Head over to control panel and open the security center program. This opens up an an dialog box where you will have options to Manage security settings for – here you can turn off the feature manually OR You can also make use of registry software to edit the registry and disable the feature!  Head over to Control panel, Administrative Tools and click on Services icon which opens windows component. Search for Security Center and double click on it as shown in the screenshot below.


In the startup type – the default chosen option is Automatic – Change it to Disabled which will completely disable the security alerts in Windows XP!

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