How to Stop Emails From eBay

eBay India has been sending out promotional emails recently.

As long as there are valuable discounts and giveaways in between, I don’t mind receiving promotional emails from eBay. However, eBay is now promoting products outside their league — they are promoting deals of other websites.

Take this eBay email I received this morning which promotes travel packages and points to Crazeal website — a Groupon division.

How to Unsubscribe From eBay Emails

If you have unsubscribed from any newsletters before, you know what to do: Open the email, scroll down to find a link and change your Preference. You can also sign in to eBay, go to the My eBay page, and click Preferences. You can then select whether or not to receive personalized updates.

Personalized new item updates
Send me occasional emails to show me current listings based on my recent eBay activity.

To stop third-party promotional messages like the one above, go to this path:

My eBay > Account > Communication Preferences > Promotions and Surveys.

Uncheck the following — all of them — if you want to completely stop eBay from sending you promotional emails in the future.

If you believe you have received any spam email that doesn’t come from eBay, you can always forward such messages to

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