Stumbleupon without firefox addons on Google chrome,Safari,Opera browser

Here is a quick wrap up on how to stumbleupon webpages on Google chrome,Opera and safari web browser which doesn’t support Mozilla firefox addon!

Stumbleupon Google chrome addon/bookmarklet

As we know Google chrome browser is not addon compatible and for this reason we will be using bookmarklets and other easy manual ways to stumble,review and thumbs up or thumbs down a website.

Using chrome addon type bookmarklet – Drag this Stumble it on your Chrome bookmark and whenever you want to review a website just click on Stumble it so that you can review the site without any stumbleupon toolbar.

Extra Source Google chrome bookmarklet addons

Stumbling webpages without Su toolbar

Stumbleupon type toolbar for Safari browser

Not exactly a toolbar but stumbi is a type of addon built for Safari web browser to stumble upon webpages,though the features on stumbi are not as powerful as firefox stumbleupon addon but still stumbi can perform tasks like reviewing website,stumbling,thumbs up,thumps down and has send to a friend option with couple of other easy stumbling features.Stumbi requires SIMBL, which is included in the download and installs automatically.

Download Stumbi for Safari (source)

Stumbleupon website on Opera browser

Another useful look-a-like stumbleupon toolbar type addon is Operastumbler for Opera web browser,this works just like stumbi but has some extra features which lets you surf different channels, videos, photos, and more based on there interests.Just login to Opera stumbler using your stumbleupon login details and download the toolbar.

Download Stumbleupon toolbar for Opera browser

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