Watch Live IPL 2011 Cricket Matches Online on YouTube

With the introduction of Twenty20 cricket format, Indian Premier League has quickly established itself into one of the hottest form of cricket. After the World Cup, IPL has managed to rekindle the cricket fever, especially amongst the hardcore cricket fans.

If, for some reason, you can’t take your time off from work, but still you’d love to catch all the action of IPL, then here is something that should be useful.

Apparently, Indiatimes has teamed up with YouTube to deliver every IPL cricket match on your PC. All you need is a brisk internet connection and you are good to go.

To watch IPL cricket matches live, all you need to do is visit, or save this link in your bookmark folder. The beauty of this live streaming is: it adjusts to your internet speed. So, users with slower internet can still enjoy the IPL matches — although tuning it into full-screen mode leaves out the video in “pixelated” form.

Anyway, for now, this marks the end of searching for IPL videos on the internet, because YouTube has it all — from live IPL cricket match to the highlight clips of the match.

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