WordPress URL Shortening Plugin To Mask Webpages Links

The variety of availability of free plugins makes wordpress blogging quite a user friendly platform, with tons of plugins released everyday to maximize the potential of wordpress, here is another wp plugin called Short url plugin which will mask your webpages links, blog posts or affiliate url efficiently.

With Short url plugin you will be able to create short urls of your webpages links and track the traffic received to these links, you can also mask the download links or any files that will help you in analyzing the visits (as an download counter)

A Common webpage url example:


Url After using Short Url wordpress plugin:


So you see this is beneficial, whether you are trying to make your blog post viral using social media or you want to share short urls in your email then this can be a better solution you should look into. Head over to the download link or search the plugin Short url in your wordpress admin dashboard and install it right away.

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