iCloud Pricing

Upgrading Cost of iCloud

Isn’t iCloud storage completely free for Mac users? Yes, it is. However, Apple has put up a 5GB free storage limit, which means if you want more storage space, you have to pay Apple. If your files and other backups are within the 5GB limit, there’s no need to shell out any money and you can continue using iCloud services as a free user.

Cost of iCloud – Yearly Pricing

Anyone looking to upgrade iCloud storage should be aware of the pricing. In all honestly, Apple’s iCloud is priced thoughtfully. Compared to other cloud services, iCloud is definitely cheaper and the OS X backup feature alone makes it a worthy purchase.

Note that any iCloud user will get 5GB free when they sign up. Keeping that in mind, the table below has the recent pricing changes (no discount, of course) from Apple:

Additional Storage Price



15GB total iCloud storage



25GB total iCloud storage



55GB total iCloud storage