Addicted to Gaming? Get Rid of Gaming Addiction [Video]

It’s amazing how people are entangled into the gaming world. Whether reluctantly or not, this has now evolved into more of an serious issue among the teens who are (mostly) being aspergers (difficulties in social interaction) because of the cruel gaming addiction.

Of course, Gaming is an form of entertainment that requires skill, knowledge and luck.. but in the last decade or so the Gaming industry has brought in a huge transformation with advanced graphical video games and console gadgets that is now owned and abused by almost every teenager in the next door.

The Gaming Addiction Statistics

Just as in the movies, the game sequels are prevalently brought into the market and these games are widely anticipated, and purchased by avid gamers.

Some of the eminent health blogs have come up with various effects of gaming on our body. About 850 teens out of 1000 are addicted to virtual online and pc gaming. And most of them who were surveyed were facing social, school and psychological damage.

Depression and laziness are unhealthy signs that are frequently visible among these addicted gamers. However, a sensible mind would always know his limits and play games just for the entertainment and to cure boredom.

Help! Get me rid of Gaming Addiction (Video)

Here is an interesting video that might not instantly help you get rid of gaming addiction.. but it can definitely make you think twice about this and help you create an balance inbetween your gaming and real life.

Of course, I am not against gamers. I do play games. The best part is I limit myself thanks to the low end graphic card 😛 Okay, this 5 min. provoking video gives an clear insight on how to deal with Gaming addiction and get rid of it by choice.

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