Flickr Twitter YouTube Hotmail Blocked in China Country

June 14 2009 Due to political conflict, the democracy protest in China, huge number of websites and webpages are inaccessible and completely blocked in China. The issue has effected the Internet lifestyle of people in china, as they are able to access only content sites as of now. Last week, the Chinese authorities blocked almost all well known websites in the evening that can revolutionize people’s mind.

Sites Blocked in China

  • – A popular microblogging tool quite well known in China.
  • – Yahoo’s popular image sharing portal.
  • – Google’s video product streaming million’s of videos.
  • Hotmail and MSN are blocked.
  • 6,000+ websites shut down that which were affiliated with College and Universities.

The worse is that Hotmail accounts are not accessible, which is the only email provider in the list. Imagine having tonnes of emails, messages and attachments stored in your Hotmail account. You can’t access, backup or even close a hotmail account — a terrible position to be in.

The news spread across in the Chinese main stream media about strange website blocking. But some more website like blogger and china proxy sites are blocked and unblocked frequently.

Starting next month, each computer sold in china will be having firewall+antivirus software installed along with Internet protection to avoid accessing of any adult websites!

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