Free Domplayer is Malware Virus – Beware of Dom Player

At one time, Dom player was a well known media player that was known to offer high quality videos, music and movies on your desktop. This media player plays almost any kind of video format and enables the users to watch crystal clear movies by making people to purchase by domplayer for a one-time fee.

Though, personally I haven’t tried out Dom Player but from all the forums and other sources I found out that Dom Player is Malware. Dom player charges 3.95$ for downloads and all it does is – DVD ripping of popular torrent videos that are uploaded by aXXo, you can usually find them for free online, but the main issue we are dealing with is that Dom player is a virus filled with malware, spyware..


The Domplayer Malware virus will corrupt your computer to a certain extent, even though if you’ve found any free download link to dom player – make sure you do not download them. If you have already downloaded Domplayer on your system then uninstall from control panel, add/remove programs and make a registry scan as well as virus check to avoid any after effects on your computer.

There are tons of ways to watch movies and music online legally as well. So never fall into unknown downloads which can cause a lot of trouble. And if you have any dom player video (not the dom player) then download k-lite codecs 5.0 so that you can play them without the need of using this type of malware program. Had to write this post down so that many innocent users are avoided from downloading purchasing Dom player icon smile Free Domplayer is Malware Virus – Beware of Dom Player

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