How I Deleted My Digg Profile | Delete Digg Account

I’ve made some crappy submissions from my digg profile, that was a long time ago. And then the realization of submitting quality web content and networking was demanded for building a better digg profile. Therefore I took one step ahead to create another digg account, start it all new, but that was not allowed as digg lets you have only one active account.

Then came the necessity to delete my digg account. Unlike most of the websites out there that provides a direct delete my account link in our profile, digg requires us to email them for the account deletion which sounds like a hectic work.

How to Delete Digg Profile

Provide the subject as Digg Account deletion and send it to In the body of the email, include your Digg account url and the reason for deleting your digg profile.

Within a hour you’ll receive a follow-up confirmation from one of the digg staff. As soon as you confirm for the same, your account will be made inactive within a hour, at least that was the case with me.

So that’s it. All your older submission on digg will be intact, but your account will be invalid. I also requested to remove only the submission from my digg profile but seems like that wasn’t possible at that moment.

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