What is CRC? Solution For Cyclic Redundancy Check (CRC) Error

Unable to transfer files from your DVD to the computer? Found an CRC error? In this short article, I will have an quick walk through over what is CRC file and how to fix CRC errors for your games, .iso files easily.

What is CRC Error?

CRC is Cyclic Redundancy Check which is commonly used in hard disk and storage devices so that it can check the data. If it is corrupted, you will get an CRC error. Similarly, when files from external sources such as from DVD or CD is transferred, then CRC errors are displayed, this signifies the data is corrupted and damaged.

Even after several attempts, transferring of files doesn’t happen because of the redundancy check error. However, solution for fixing CRC errors is quite simple.

CRC Error Solution

To solve CRC error, you need to have clean data i.e, the data file must be free from any kind of external or internal damages.

If the CD is partially scraped from the front shiny part then CRC error messages are bound to display. So, make sure CD or DVD is made clean by using an lint-free cloth or by rubbing alcohol or dipping cloth in a mixture of warm water with soap solution.

And, If the problem is because of the internal data being damaged or corrupted then download Jfile recovery software (click here) which is, perhaps the best solution for fixing CRC errors. You need to have java on your system for using Jfile recovery. It solves and fixes CRC errors from DVD/CD instantly and is completely free to use.

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