Who is AXXO and What are AXXO Movies?

More specifically, where is aXXo?

Alright, here is something for all you torrent fans. A small glimpse about this anonymous person who made a loss of millions of dollars in the movie industry by uploading free movies on the Internet. Needless to say, we are talking about the hugely popular uploader named “aXXo”.

He has uploaded tons of latest movies for free download via public as well as private torrent trackers just to help people who don’t have access to movies. He is well known as the GOD of torrents for the awesome high quality movies he rips, usually DVD rips, and uploading them on torrent sites. Most of the times the movies of AXXO are 700mb exactly and the quality is just amazing, more than high-definition for its size.


Though no one knows the real name of this guy (perhaps it can be girl too, you never know) but he was a popular torrent uploader with the username “aXXo”. Axxo subtitles, Axxo movies and Axxo torrents are available in most of the places online today, but soon after the the pirate bay closed down issues, he has been absconding for unknown reason.

What exactly happened to AXXO

From his blogspot blog, aXXo says:

Guys i have been laying low due to some copyright problems from the MPAA. Some movies have been removed due to copyright violations from Mininova too. Anyway  i’ll try to make a post before june 20.If i cant i will be back only on august 5.

Has aXXo returned? No. Are his movies still uploaded? Yes, but he has clearly stated that it’s not his movies. There are fake aXXo movies available for download, so make sure not to download video files that has the word aXXo in them. He also says that he is looking for new tracker right now.

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It is unfortunate to see aXXo magically disappeared. The good news? There are other torrent uploaders that are posting quality movies on the web. Kudos to them!

Perhaps aXXo stopped ripping DVD movies, though unknown yet but he has definitely left his mark on the Internet and torrent community.