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Instagram Reels now have worldwide advertising

Last Updated on July 1, 2021 by David Baddeley

Finally, what we assumed was a matter of time has just materialized, because if first it was the regular Instagram stories that began to show advertising, now so are the Reels, the TikTok copy of the Facebook application.

If we remember correctly, at first it was in Australia, Brazil, Germany and India where the testing of these ads began this year, and it seems that things went well, because now all over the world you can see the advertising when we are looking at Reels .

Advertising works as we would expect, since they are nothing more than notices that appear when we are looking at these Reels and that can last up to 30 seconds and that we can also identify them by means of a small warning mark at the bottom.

Thus, we no longer have a way to escape advertising in any of the Instagram functions , so we are going to have to endure.

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