List of Lenovo YOGA Devices (Old and New Models)

Lenovo has come up with an infographics that reveals all the old and latest YOGA models.

It all started in the year 2005 when the company developed its first “secret” prototype called Pocket YOGA. This simple idea turned into a reality 7 years later, with the launch of Ideapad YOGA – which is the world’s 1st flexible notebook.

In other words, you can use this device as a laptop and a tablet.

From then on, Lenovo has released over half-a-dozen devices – ranging from YOGA tablets to ultrabooks and notebooks. Each one of them are designed to open up new ways for users to interact.

Lenovo YOGA’s Infographics:

Pocket YOGA
Year of Release: Secret since 2005
Description: The 1st conceptual prototype of YOGA models.

Ideapad YOGA
Year of Release: January 2012
Description: The world’s 1st multimode notebook with a 360 degree flip-and-flop design (can be converted into a laptop or tablet).

YOGA 11s
Year of Release: January 2013
Description: The world’s 1st multimode mini Ultrabook

YOGA 2 Pro
Year of Release: September 2013
Description: Thinner, lighter, faster – it [YOGA 2 Pro] features QHD+ touchscreen display and Lenovo Recommends, a unique app with recommendations for each of the four usage models.

ThinkPad YOGA
Year of Release: September 2013
Description: The world’s first multimode business notebook with an exclusive “lift and lock” system, locking the keys on the keyboard when used in Tablet mode.

YOGA Tablet
Year of Release: October 2013
Description: The world’s first multimode tablet with exceptional 18-hour battery life.

YOGA Tablet 2 Pro
Year of Release: August 2014
Description: Better sound and overall entertainment performance with the same exceptional 18-hour battery life.

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YOGA 3 Pro
Year of Release: October 2014
Description: Thinner, lighter, and stronger – featuring a revolutionary new hinge design and YOGA Harmony, making it an intelligent multimode notebook that adapts to you.

YOGA 300
Year of Release: June 2015
Description: The most affordable convertible notebook.

YOGA 500
Year of Release: June 2015
Description: Ideal 2-in-1 convertible for gaming and entertainment.