Loyalty Programs: How To Work it In Your Online Pharmacy?

For patients, the pharmacy is the place they go to if they have a need related to the most important thing: their health. In this sense, there is no better way to increase the loyalty of your online pharmacy than to turn it into a benchmark health and wellness center for your patients. 

How to do it? Highly experienced pharmacist from Canada Pharmacy Online tells you about focusing totally on the customer, not on the sale and in particular, applying these tips:

  • Know your products in depth: we are not only talking about medicines, we are also referring to food supplements and phytotherapy products that you sell in your online pharmacy. Do you know what properties they have and what each one is indicated for? It is essential that all team members know this information in detail.
  • Become a counselor: the functions of a pharmacist are many and varied, but, without a doubt, one of the most important is to advise. When a patient does not know what he needs to alleviate his ailments, your role is that of a counselor, since he trusts you to make his choice. For this, you must know your patients perfectly, for which it is necessary that you talk with them.
  • Treat your patients individually – There are many ways to convey to clients that you are treating their case personally. For example, ask them follow-up questions or ask them, after a while, about the results of a certain treatment. They will come back for sure!
  • It offers a portfolio of services: these services can become the differential value of your online pharmacy, they can range from cholesterol and blood pressure controls to hair or dermatological analysis.
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Other actions to increase the loyalty of your pharmacy

We now focus on the most effective techniques to boost sales of your products of natural origin and, even more important, to encourage loyalty in your online pharmacy of those customers who have already purchased.

Create and offer loyalty programs in your online pharmacy

Personalized discounts, points systems, wallet programs or referral awards are just a few examples, but there are many more. It is about the customer getting a benefit every time he buys a phytotherapy product or recommends it to a family member or friend. 

Apply upselling

We explain what up selling consists of with some examples:

Offer a discount applicable to a higher-end item than the one purchased.

  • Give away free samples to the customer who makes a purchase.
  • Give access to a certain service at no additional cost.

Of course, do not do up selling without criteria. We must listen to and analyze the needs of patients so that the benefit offered to them is related to their particular case.

  • Trust marketing and social media

The loyalty of your pharmacy does not only depend on the field work you do in the office. In addition, you have the possibility of taking advantage of the power that social networks have to increase loyalty towards brands (also towards pharmacies). In fact, it is a step that we advise you to take.

In this sense, content marketing stands out above all. This technique consists of periodically offering valuable information to users, which resolves their doubts and provides them with useful solutions. 

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