How to fix Netflix error code nw-2-5

Netflix error code nw-2-5

It does not usually happen many times but if you are one of those who has received the Netflix error code nw-2-5 on your screen when you want to enter Netflix, do not worry, surely in this article we will find the solution.

The first thing to explain is that this error simply tells us that there is a connection problem in our network and the app cannot connect to the network to be able to play the streaming or simply access the menus. It may be that your network does not have problems and works correctly so the error could be as simple as that the Netflix app is not working correctly at that moment.

The first thing is to check that we have an Internet connection. If so, we must follow the steps indicated below. In case of not having Internet access, we already know what the problem is and that when the connection returns, Netflix will have been fixed.

In case of having Internet, the solution is very simple and comes with disconnecting the device where we have Netflix from the network to reconnect it. If we can do it manually we can try to disconnect and reconnect to the network. If it works then we will have solved the problem and we will be able to see our favorite series and movies again without any problem, otherwise and it still does not work we will go to the next step.

Now we must turn off and restart the device where the netflix app is installed. If it is a mobile phone, we restart it, if it is a television or other device, we disconnect it from the power and reconnect it. After doing this we just have to enter Netflix and see if the connection problem has been solved. Now we shouldn’t have a problem and the NW-2-5 error will have disappeared. If the error persists and does not allow us to connect to Netflix, we only have one last try.

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Now what we have left is to restart the router that gives us access to the Internet. We turn off the router, count to ten, and turn it on again. Now we should enter Netflix without any problem.