Download Full Version of Portal Game For Mac OS

The critically acclaimed Portal game, in the name of education, is available for free until September 20.

Portal Game on Mac

Portal is a single player puzzle extravaganza where the main character uses the portal gun to escape from a place. This five-year-old game is coupled with brainteasing puzzles and compelling stories.

Portal is fun, addictive and challenging. And what’s more is that Portal can be downloaded for free.

Get Portal For Mac OS

Valve is giving away the full version of Portal game for free for both Mac and Windows OS users on Steam, as part of its Learn with Portals initiative.

Usually, Portal retails for $10 on Steam, but thanks to this limited offer, you can download the full version of the game without having to dig into your pocket.

Steam Portal Game

Whether or not you’re involved in education, the promotion of Portal game lasts only for a day — till September 20th. It’s high time that you get in and sneak a copy of Portal for your Mac (works on Mac OS X 10.7 Lion).

Get Portal For Mac (Click on Install game; ignore the $19.99 Portal game)

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